Epic Canadiana update: Sticks & Stones


It's been quite a few months since I finished my Epic Canadiana anthology story with the talented, John Ward (@arbutus_films). Here are some sample pages, as it's finally out in book form. For the full 13 pages... it's here

The story is about a young deaf girl who sets out to find her missing mother, only to discover she's the last descendant of a mythical race.

Had loads of fun working on this project with John, there weren't much creative restrictions and I had lots of freedom to go about the characters, apart from the heroes that crossed over from the anthology, which was part of the tie-in. 


Character Designs : Sticks & Stones


These are some of my character designs for the upcoming Epic Canadiana book for Cloudscape comics. The story is written by John ward. I don't normally do character sheets and design passes like this, so I'd thought this time around, i'd treat this like an actual production and do full color renders of these even though the end result is gonna be in black and white... just for kicks. Finalizing designs over the next week so color should be under way. yay colors!